What is a spousal transfer?

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A spousal transfer, also known as a transfer of land between spouses or domestic partners, is a legal process in which ownership of a property is transferred from one spouse or domestic partner to another. This is a common practice in Victoria and is often used for estate planning and asset protection.

There are several benefits to a spousal transfer, including avoiding the need for stamp duty and capital gains tax, simplifying the property ownership structure, and ensuring that the property is held in the most tax-effective way. It can also be a useful tool in family law matters, such as divorce or separation, as it allows for the transfer of property without the need for a sale.

It is important to note that a spousal transfer must be done in compliance with the relevant legislation and with the assistance of a qualified legal professional.

Geelong Legal can provide expert advice and assistance with all aspects of spousal transfers, including the preparation of transfer documents and advice on the tax and legal implications of the transfer.

Our Geelong property lawyers can help prepare the necessary documents and ensure that the transfer is legally binding and enforceable.

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