How do I appeal a visa cancellation or refusal?

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If your visa has been cancelled or refused in Australia, you may have the option to appeal the decision through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The AAT is an independent review body that can assess visa-related decisions made by the Department of Home Affairs.

To appeal a visa decision, you will need to lodge an application with the AAT within a specified timeframe. The application will need to include details of the visa decision, the reasons for the decision, and why you believe the decision is incorrect or unjust.

It is important to note that not all visa decisions can be appealed, and there may be limited grounds for appeal in some cases. You should seek legal advice to determine whether an appeal is possible in your situation.

The AAT will review your case and may hold a hearing to consider additional evidence or information. They will then make a decision about whether to overturn or affirm the original visa decision.

If your appeal is successful, the AAT may set aside the original visa decision and substitute it with a new decision. If the appeal is unsuccessful, you may have limited options for further review or appeal.

Geelong Legal can provide advice and representation for visa appeals. Our Geelong immigration lawyers help you understand your legal options, prepare your application for the AAT, and represent you in the review process.


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