Andrew Alexander

Principal Lawyer

Andrew Alexander is principal lawyer and founder of Geelong Legal. He was admitted to practice law in 2008 after completing his law degree at the University of Melbourne.

Prior to founding Geelong Legal five years ago, Andrew worked at several law firms in Geelong and Melbourne, developing a broad range of expertise and knowledge in different legal fields. He is known for his well-rounded legal advice and solutions, which enable his clients to achieve their goals and objectives.

Andrew is a trusted advisor to businesses, families, and individuals across the Geelong region. He has established strong relationships with his clients and is dedicated to delivering effective legal solutions that meet their unique circumstances.

Outside of the law, Andrew remains committed to public education and has been a secondary school teacher since 2006. He maintains his teaching registration and continues to teach at public secondary schools in the Geelong region on a casual basis.

Andrew is passionate about the The Geelong Lawn Tennis Club where he is vice-president. He is a committee member at the The Geelong Swimming Club and a director of the The Geelong Swimming Club Foundation. He is also a member of the Kardinia International College Community Council.

Andrew’s professionalism, expertise, and dedication to his clients make him a highly sought-after lawyer in Geelong and surrounding areas.

He is committed to maintaining transparency and communication throughout the legal process, ensuring that his clients are informed and involved in their legal matters.

Andrew Alexander is the principal lawyer at Geelong Legal and an experienced legal practicioner


Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Bachelor of Laws

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice

Graduate Diploma in Education

Master of Laws

Master of Public Policy and Management