How do I apply for probate?

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To apply for probate, you need to submit an application to the Supreme Court of Victoria with the relevant documents and fees. 

The legislation that governs probate in Victoria is the Administration and Probate Act 1958. This Act outlines the procedures for applying for and obtaining probate, as well as the powers and duties of executors and administrators.  

You can apply for probate personally or with the assistance of a legal professional. 

A probate lawyer can assist with preparing and filing the necessary documents with the court, and managing any disputes or challenges that may arise during the probate process. They can also provide guidance on how to manage the deceased’s assets, pay off debts, and distribute assets to beneficiaries according to the will’s instructions. 

In addition, a law firm can provide advice on any tax implications that may arise during the probate process, ensuring that the estate is managed in a tax-efficient manner. 

Geelong Legal can help you navigate the complex legal requirements and potential disputes that can arise during probate. Our Geelong probate lawyers can help provide you with peace of mind and ensure that your loved one’s estate is managed appropriately. 

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