Torin Peel


Torin is a paralegal at Geelong Legal and has been with the firm for two years. Prior to joining the firm, Torin worked as an advisor to a federal member of parliament and has been involved in politics and government at both state and federal levels for almost ten years.

As a paralegal, Torin has a broad range of experience working across multiple areas of law, with a particular focus and interest in family law and wills and estate planning.

Torin recently completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Outside of his legal work, Torin is also a passionate fan of netball and supports the Melbourne Vixens.

Torin’s background in politics and government has provided him with a unique perspective and set of skills that he brings to his work as a paralegal at Geelong Legal.

His passion for learning and interest in gender, history and sociology also contribute to his work as a paralegal, as he brings a holistic and inclusive approach to his legal work.

Torin is a valued member of the Geelong Legal team who consistently goes above and beyond to provide excellent service to our clients.


Bachelor of Arts