Lily Stein

Legal Assistant

Lily Stein is a Legal Assistant at Geelong Legal.

As a student, Lily is currently studying for a Bachelor of Laws at Deakin University, finding particular interest in the fields of family and criminal law. Outside of her studies and legal work, Lily enjoys reading and being active, as well as spending plenty of time with her array of pets at home.

Lily’s background in customer service and her position in a management role has enabled her to understand the importance of a holistic approach when interacting with others, making it an important quality in her everyday interactions. Lily has a real passion for people and uses this to better herself and her interactions in all aspects of her professional life.

Inquisitive by nature, Lily finds enjoyment in all aspects of learning and drives herself to always find something new to bring to the table.

Lily has become a valuable member of the Geelong Legal team and looks forward to meeting and working with all clients while providing excellent service.